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The weather is Santorini in Summer is just perfect! Lots of sunshine, so bring your sunglasses but also o summer coat, as the famous "Meltemi" wind sometimes gives a chilly touch in the afternoons. Summers rains are not that often, while the sea is rather warm, especially after the middle of July. See more>



A specific dress code  applies only in some restaurants and high class bars and clubs. When visiting churches and especially monasteries, you are expected to be dressed "appropriately", meaning that women wearing pants or men wearing shorts might not be allowed to enter. Long sleeves are also required. A summer coat can prove to be useful for windy nights.

Nudism is generally prohibited, but there are beaches where you can practice it. Please check our Beaches section for details.




Most of Greeks, and especially those working in the tourism business, speak at least one foreign language. making it rather easy for you to communicate with the locals. The greek language is quite difficult but a "kalimera" ( = good morning) and a "efharisto" ( = thank you) are the best way to start a conversation with a local! See more>



At the unfortunate occasion you find yourself facing a health problem or an injury, you can ask for help at the local Health Center. All kinds of emergencies are taken care of, without having to pay for the medical services provided. A small "entrance fee" of 5 euros might only be required. If a long stay at a hospital is necessary, covering medical expenses depends on whether you are a citizen of the European Union, etc.



The nation's currency is Euro and it is the only currency you may use, when in Greece. All major credit cards are excepted in most of hotels, shops and restaurants, but you d' better ask before, if you intend to use your credit card. A credit card might be required for some services, such as renting a car. Taxis and public bus tickets can only be paid in cash.



Many museums and archaeological sites are closed on Mondays, while openning hours are not the same for all of them,  so always check before. Monasteries are closed to visitors after sunset. In almost all museums and art exhibitions, taking pictures or filming is forbidden.



A receipt is always to be delivered to the customer for any kind of service or product. According to the Greek Legislation you are actually not obliged to pay, unless you are given your receipt. All shorts of public transportation tickets, are also the receipt for the money payed to obtain them. Tipping is almost never included in any kind of bill or payment. It is optional.



                                                                SANTORINI USEFUL INFO
  Health Center 22860-23123   Airport       
22860-28300   Town of Thira  
  Customs Service
22860-22230          Port       
22860-22239           Police 22860-22649
  District Office 22860-22231   Public buses 22860-25404   Port Police 22860-22239
  Post Office 22860-22238   Taxi   22860-22555   Tourist Police 22860-22239
         Cable car 22860-22977      

 holidays useful hotels tipsWhen calling from abroad, the ++30 prefix is necessary. In case of emergency,dial 100 to call the Police, 199 for the Fire Department and 166 for medical services.   
 holidays useful hotels tipsBanks are open during working days, till 14:00. ATMs are available in all major spots of the island. Currency exchange offices are also available.
 holidays useful hotels tipsArchaeological sites and museums' tickets are usualy available only on the spot and must be paid in cash. Public bus tickets can only be purchased in major bus stations or onboard and must also be paid in cash. Children fares apply in most cases.
 holidays useful hotels tipsIf travelling in Santorini during winter, always advice your travel agent on weather conditions, espacially when using sea transportation.
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