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 your santorini information weddingsEither you are interested on a civil or a reiligious wedding, the venues available will surely meet your expectations. Catholic weddings usually take place at the Catholic Cathedral at Fira, or in other Catholic chapels on the island. Orthodox weddings can be held at any one of the numerous churches across the island. Civil weddings usually take place at the Town Hall or at various other venues we can propose. A civil wedding can ofcourse be organized in a hotel, if you wish so. The cost of the venue depends on the place you will chose and on the number of your guests.

 your santorini information weddingsPlease note, that the marriage cannot actually take place, or it will be cancelled afterwards, if something goes wrong with your documents. In this case, the ceremony can still take place, but with a symbolic character and no legal value at all. This is practically the same as renewing wedding vows, and it will spare you the last moment embarassment for you and your guests, if the paperwork in not done on time.
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