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 weddings santorini documents haveTo get married in Santorini, there are certain legal documents that are necessary, but not the same for all countries' citizens. Nevertheless, some general rules do apply. Please note that these documents are required from the Greek Authorities, so it would be wise to contact us three months before your wedding day, just to make sure you get everything right!


 required have weddings aboutTo get married in Santorini, you have to be at least 18 years old.

   required have weddings aboutTo be able to get married in Santorini, you have to be on the island at least eight(8) days before your wedding day.  

 required have weddings aboutAll documents must be translated in the Greek Language, no matter what your country of origin is. The translation must be done by the Greek Embassy of your area only and not by any other service or company.


 required have weddings aboutAll documents cannot be older(date of issue)  than three months prior to the wedding day.


 required have weddings aboutAll documents must be sent to our Agency at least one month prior to the wedding day.


 required have weddings aboutThe documents you will send will be submitted to the Greek Local Authorities and therefore cannot be returned to you.


 required have weddings aboutNon European citizens (except Australia and USA citizens) must also provide a document from their country's Embassy in Athens, verifying that they are free to get married.

   required have weddings aboutAll documents must have an Apostle stamp. This is issued by your country's Foreign Ministry and its use is to certify that the  deocuments are valid and can be used outside your country. Each document must have its own Apostle stamp.  
   required have weddings aboutYou will have to stay in Santorini one(1) working day after your wedding, so that you can present yourself to the local office and register your marriage.  
   required have weddings aboutPlease note, that the marriage cannot actually take place, or it will be cancelled afterwards, if something goes wrong with your documents. In this case, the ceremony can still take place, but with a symbolic character and no legal value at all. This is practically the same as renewing wedding vows, and it will spare you the last moment embarassment for you and your guests, if the paperwork in not done on time.  

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