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The Greek language is one of the most ancient of the world, but it is also considered to be one of the most difficult to comprehend and speak. Once used by millions of people across the ancient mediterranean nations,the same way novadays many people chose to learn and speak English, today the Greek language is not that popular, but still remains an object of constant research and studying, as it is the source for words used in many other languages and, furthermore, it is the language that some of the world's masterpieces in  literature, philosophy and science were written.
Meeting someone
Hellow = Yia sou
Good morning = Kalimera
Good evening = Kalispera
Good night = Kalinihta
How do you do? = Ti kanete?
Thank you = Efharisto
You are welcome = Parakalo
What is your name? = Pos se lene?
My name is... = Me lene...
Good Bye  = Antio
Fair well = Na sai kala
Asking information
Where is...?  = Pou inai?
How much is it? = Poso kanei?
What time is it? = Ti ora ine?
How can I go to...? = Pos mporo na pao sto...?
What is it? = Ti ine afto?
The menu please = katalogo parakalo
I would like a... = Tha ithela...
Water = nero
Bread = Psomi
Wine = Krassi
Fork = Pirouni
Spoon = Koutali
Knife = Maheri
The check please = Logariasmo parakalo
My key please  = to kleidi mou parakalo
Towel = Petseta
Maid = Kamariera
Sheet = Sentonia
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