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The outbreak of the Greek Revolution in 1821 was the beginning of a 9 years-long war for independence, in which Santorini took part from the very beginning. The island, having the third largest ships fleet in the Aegean, offered ships and men to the cause of Freedom and was eventually liberated from the Turks and officially became a part of the Greek State in 1830. The island continued to flourish and wine production and naval activities were the people's main occupations. Oia was indeed call "the village of the captains". Though industialization at the down of the 20th century gave a new touch to the local economy,the invention of the steamboats caused a major disaster to the local economy. During World War II, Santorini was ofcourse occupied by the Germans and in 1956 an earthquake took almost 70 lifes, caused major disasters to the islands infrastructures and forced many of its inhabitants to abandon it and move to Athens and other Greek cities.
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But they left only to return a few years later, when a new word was put to everyone's mouth in the island! Tourism. This small island, with a history of thousands of years, was to become one of the world's major destinations. By 1970, Santorini was famous all over the world and tourists from all corners of the earth started to come and discover the beauty and the history of the island. A period of constant growth began, with brand new infrustructures like the port, the airport and the cable car, that gave the island's famous donkeys some more time to rest!


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Today Santorini is considered to be one of Greece's major destinations, one of the world's most beautiful islands. More than 1,5 million of people visit the island each year, only to be astonished by the beauty, to be amazed by the sunset, to be charmed by the locals and their hospitality.



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