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During the Roman occupation the island lost most of its wealth and power, but, when the Roman Empire was devided, Santorini became a province of the eastern empire, today known as the Byzantine Empire. Christianity had ofcourse a major impact on the inhabitants, as the new religion brought new customs and traditions. There is evidence suggesting a volcano eruption took place in 727, while during the Crusades the island was occupied by the Franks (Catholic Western Europeans) who gave to the island the name "Santorini", after Saint Irene. Santorini became an annex to the Duchy of Naxos (a nearby island), till it was finaly, as the rest of Greece, occupied by the Turks.
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Though the first period of the Ottoman rule was quite hard, in 1580 the Cycladic Islands were given some privileges and the people were again able to build or repair their curches and freely practice their religion. These privileges also allowed to the locals to develop their economy and trade their products, such as wine, cucumbers and melons. All this made Santorini again a prosperous and wealthy place to be, but also prepared the island to be powerful enough and take part in the Greek Revolution in 1821.



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